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omgLEDs 2.0 Light Strip

omgLEDs 2.0 Light Strip

omgLEDs 2.0 Light Strip

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The future of LED Lighting is upon us. The omgLEDs 2.0 Light Strip allows you to experience color like you never have before. Smartphone Bluetooth controlling connects you to the incredible features at the touch of a button. Immerse yourself in a full spectrum of color options and explore 120 different pre-sets that will set the perfect mood.

Smart Control

Enjoy over 120 different LED features from the tap of your smartphone! No need to worry about losing a remote! The omgLEDs 2.0 Lights are controlled exclusively from our seamless Apple and Android bluetooth application which allows you to change the vibe with the touch of a button. 

Incredible Effects

Experience lighting like never before. With a different setting for any mood, the possibilities are endless. omgLEDs 2.0 Lights make amazing backgrounds for videos, set the vibe for a party, or fall asleep under the cascading colors. 

Product Features

  • 120 Color Changing Pre-Sets
  • Solid Color Options
  • Speed Controls
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Waterproof Seal for LED Protection
  • Adhesive Included on Back for Easy Installation
  • Bluetooth Connection for Smartphone Control
.*32.8ft Length Option Recommended For Best Effect*

Package Includes

  • omgLEDs 2.0 Flexible Light Strip
  • 1x Bluetooth Controller
  • 1x Power Supply

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