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    Dream Cloud Installation

    Installation Warning
    • NEVER hold your cloud by the power cable. Always support the cloud by holding it by BOTH strings!
    • NEVER Leave your cloud on for longer than 24 hours. 
    • NEVER Leave your cloud on while unattended. 

    Install Your Dream Cloud:

    1. Measure - Lift your omgLEDs Dream Cloud by the two pre-tied hanging lines. Hold it to your ceiling to get an idea for the best angle, weight distribution, and outlet access. Mark those spots with pencil. (Do not put full cloud weight on one line) 

    2. Hang the First String - Adhere one of the two included mounting hooks by peeling adhesive backing and pressing to ceiling for 30 seconds. Clear all air bubbles in adhesive. Loop first Dream Cloud line onto hook.

    3. Hang the Second String - With first line looped onto first hook. Stretch the second line to the second pencil mark and ensure desired angle and weight distribution. Mount second hook and hang second line.

    Connect Your Phone:

    1. Download the App - Download the "LED Hue" Application from the ios or Android App Store.

    2. Connect to your Lights - Begin by turning your bluetooth on, then open the LED Hue Application. When in the start menu, swipe down to refresh the bluetooth feed and select "SP110E". At the bottom of the screen select BRG and WS2811. Input 50 pixels. You're connected! (You can rename the lights by holding your finger on "SP110E" in the start menu)

    Application Features:

    1. Favorite Your Favorites Click the red heart on a light effect you love to save it for later. To access all your favorited effects simply hold your finger on the heart icon and open the menu that displays all your favs!

    2. DIY Colors - Select one of the colored circles in the bottom portion of the screen labeled "DIY Colors". Then, move the slider to create a unique color. You now have that custom color available to select!