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    omgLEDs 2.0 Installation

    Installation Warning
    • NEVER turn on your LEDs while they are still in the roll. This will cause them to overheat!
    • NEVER connect more strips than the amount included in the set you purchased. This can cause your strips to draw more power than the power supply is manufactured to output and may cause your strips to overheat. 


    Before Installation:

    1. Measure Your Surface - Measure the surface you are applying the lights to. Be sure to clean the area with rubbing alcohol to remove any dust and dirt. 

    2. Unroll Your Lights - Partially unroll your lights to make the first part of the installation easier. Do not turn on the lights while in the roll as they can overheat. 

    3. Assemble Your Lights -

    First, connect the power supply cable into the AC Power Supply. Ensure you see a solid blue light.

    Connect the power supply to the controller box.

    Last, connect the controller box to the omgLEDs 2.0 Strip. You should hear a distinctive "click" noise when they've been properly connected.

    Installing Your omgLEDs:

    1. Peel Off The Sticky Strip - Begin by peeling 3-5 inches of the sticky adhesive backing off the strip. Adhere that to the first part of your surface.

    2. Hang Those Babies Up - Continue peeling the adhesive backing as you work the lights along the surface. Run your finger along the strip to ensure maximum stickage. Have someone hold the roll of lights for you as you apply the lights to make the installation easier. 

    Connect Your Phone:

    1. Turn on Bluetooth - Enable bluetooth in your smartphone settings.

    2. Download the App -

    Apple Device:

    Download the "omgLEDs" Application from the ios App Store

    When in the start menu, select omgLEDs and click "Continue"

    Android Device:

    Download the "LED Hue" Application from the Android App Store.
    When in the start menu, swipe down to refresh the bluetooth feed and select "SP110E". At the bottom of the screen select BRG and WS2811.
    16.4ft set input 50 pixels
    32.8ft sets input 100 pixels
    60ft set input 150 pixels. 
    You're connected! (You can rename the lights by holding your finger on "SP110E" in the start menu)

    Application Features:

    DIY Colors - Select one of the colored circles in the bottom portion of the screen labeled "DIY Colors". Then, move the slider to create a unique color. You now have that custom color available to select!